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This site was originally created in 1993 by my American (Italian/Irish) mother, she has been living in Saudi Arabia since the early 60’s with here with her Saudi Husband The late Mr. Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Abo Khodair “My father” .

She created this site to offer information about the life, traditions and culture of the country and her life experiences as an American living in  a Saudi family in Saudi Arabia and the culture differences oatthat time.


Her opening paragraph on the main page in 1993 was the following:

“I was searching the web for information about Saudi Arabia and I found that you had to look at many pages to get just a bit of info. So I have spent many hours searching, for the more interesting and informative information and have compiled it here on my pages.” 


Sahel A. Alkhodair


Tourists Visiting KSA:

It is now permissible to apply for a Tourist VISA and visit Saudi Arabia wherein the near past it was imposable to visit as a tourist.

Saudi Arabia has opened up to the world and has a target on 100 million tourists a year.

Many nationalities are able to apply on line for an instant Tourist VISA through VisitSaudi.com Arabia web site. or in a Saudi airport at arrival.

In the near past it was imposable to visit as a tourist, only persons with work visa and special business or family visit visas were allowed.

The Original Post from 2007:


Saudi Arabia lifts the veil —

Conservative kingdom opening door to foreign tourists.


Saudi Arabia is by no means opening up to individual tourists. In fact, tourist visas are still non-existent.”

KSA Then and Now

I can simply say KSA has come a long way.

It has changed dramatically in a very short period of time. From being a very closed and conservative country to….. READ MORE.

Saudi map pics


Saudi Arabia it is quite diverse with Red Dunes, high mountain ranges and dense forests with cider trees and shrubs… READ MORE.

KSA gets SNOW???

Saudi Arabia is known for its extreme weather depending on the region ranging from scolding HEAT to Freezing COLD and occasional snow, Yes you read right SNOW… READ MORE

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Come discover the 13 Saudi regions, all are unique and interesting, from the green forests in the southern regions of Asir, the Sarawat mountains that run from south to north through 4 regions and  the beauty of the Najd Plato in the Riyadh region…. Read More


Saudi food is a blessing in disguise, you can sample many pallets with the local cuisine depending on the area which the dish was developed. MORE.

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Saudi people are very friendly and hospitable, they will not take no for an answer if they invite you into their homes, Saudi Arabia is big and the people and there culture and tradition differ between the regions… READ MORE

KSA woman everywhere!

As you can see from this photo in a café with female servers, Saudi Arabia has… READ MORE

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