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Al Ula Hosts the 41st meeting of the GCC

The 41st Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit was held in Al Ula giving more international coverage of this historic sight with GCC country leaders at Aw. Photo taken in front of the Mirror Theater in Al Ula where the conference was healed.

Dakar Stage 5 – Riyadh > Al Qaisumah

Today Thursday 07/01/2021 is the start of stage 5 of the Dakar rally from Riyadh to Al Qaisumah as details of the map bellow show.   (Photo: Dakar.com) Qaisumah is known for its extreme weather ranging from very HOT during summer reaching 50’s Celsius and freezing during winter with snow, yes read correctly snow.  

Al-Ahsa is the largest Oasis in the world

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa Oasis has entered the Guinness World Records as the largest self-contained oasis in the world. “Located in south-eastern Saudi Arabia, there are more than 2.5 million palm trees in the oasis, which is fed from a huge underground aquifer, which allows agriculture all year round in a region that is otherwise sand […]

Saudi’s head for the mountains

The cool weather of the winter season has lured Saudi hikers and outing enthusiasts to head to the beautiful mountains in the western region where many wonderful places and attractions are worth visiting, nature or volcanos have created works of art within these mountain ranges and many historic sites are between the bends and in […]


  DAKKAR 2021 is on track to kickoff 2021 with a happy event. Happy Drivers ready for the JAN 3 start as expressed in the Virtual press conference, the race will go through a number of regions attracting with tough terrain.   (Image: Dakar.com)   Good luck to the racers ……

Tour Guide: Emad Kashmiri

Mr. Emad Kashmiri is a professional licensed seasoned National Tour Guide


Saudi offers many wonderful exiting experiences and activities all over the country during its cooler winter months


ATM Machines are available on every main street, corner and in all shopping center


MADA Using Debit cards to make your payments is the safest way to conduct your payments

Tarout Castle

Fort Tarout or Tarout Castle (Arabic: قلعة تاروت‎) is an old historic castle located at the top of a hill