Food in Saudi Arabia

This is what the Traditional Saudi meal looks like:

It would basically consist of a main rice dish, a stew dish, a salad and a yoghurt drink.

The original Saudi diet was based on vegetables boiled with meets and some times dried pieces of bread was soaked with the stew and was called “Thareed” and all foods are eaten by hand or fingers.


In recent times, Rice is the main steeple food for most Saudis and is usually cooked with Lamb meat in many different ways, we will discuss the ways of cooking in a dedicated section later on.


Feasting in Saudi Arabia is a large part of the culture and traditions, weddings, family gatherings, special occasions, and

Meat and Rice dishes is the main dish, the number of lams and rice’s dishes shows the generosity of the host and the status of the guest.

And in some cases the results are very astonishing as the following photo shows.

Saudi Traditional Dishes:

By region:


Usually any meal will start with traditional Saudi Arabic coffee being served before the meal, then the food is set on a table cloth on the ground then the host or the mpother will tell the main guest or the man of the house to pleas ait, then the main guest or the man of the house will ask every one else to join him and he will sit down first then every one else will sit.


Main Dishes:

  • Kabsa
  • Gursan
  • Jareesh
  • Margoog
  • Matazeez


  • Marasee
  • Klaijah
  • Gishdah
  • Hinainy


  • Ma’Arag


Meat Dishes: