Khulais Valley

Khulais Valley

Khulais Valley has been a vital source of water for travelers for thousands of years and still is a source of fresh water through the network of wells for the city of Jeddah, and due to presence of water is also a farming community.


The valley is rich in water so is rich with life, a stream would run for over 6 months after a rainy season with fish, frogs and turtles, and all th

e mountains will turn green in spring with shining silvery feather like wheat plants all over the sides of the mountains which will move like waves with the slightest breeze.


A good place to hike in with may trails and interesting locations.

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Khulais Valley Location


The valley is rich with history, it being a visit spot on the rout of prophets and pilgrims as well as historic stone carvings and grave sites.

Khulais Castle:

Is a very old Turkish Ottoman castle that stands on a hill at the wide entrance of the Khulais Valley.

Khulais Castle Location