Saudi Arabia is famous for its large and fashionable malls, as well as its old historic markets or “Souq” as they are called in Arabic.


An interesting story:

I was driving a few American soldier whom I meat in 1990 (while they were deployed in Jeddah during Desert Storm) on there weekend around for a tour of Jeddah and when we went to the Old downtown market “Al Balad” meaning The Town, they were so exited, one of them named Rory said (and i quote): “it is as if we weant back in time in an Indiana Jones movie”

There are many shopping options in every city or town in Saudi Arabia.


Old local (Souk) markets

Shopping Malls

Home Delivery



You will find that you can pay in any store by Debit cards from almost any country through MADA (Details)

ATM machines are also available at almost every where (Details).

Western Province


Makkah Mall



Mall of Arabia
Red Sea Mall
Serafi Mega Mall
Haifa Mall
Aziz Mall
Al Salaam Mall
Al Andalus Mall
Yasmin Mall
Al Mahmal Centre
Al Khayyat Centre
Jeddah Mall
Al Tahliyah Shopping Centre
Ayah Mall
Roshan Mall
Roshana Mall

Eastern Province


Al Rashid Mall
Al Fanar Mall
Al Rahmaniya Mall
Khobar Mall
Lulu Hypermarket
Mall of Dhahran
Venicia Mall


Al Shatea Mall
Al Danah Shopping Centre
Crystal Mall
Dareen Mall
Lulu Hypermarket
Marina Mall
Taba Center