Tarout Castle

Fort Tarout or Tarout Castle (Arabic: قلعة تاروت‎) is an old historic castle located at the top of a hill in Al Qatif, eastern Saudi Arabia. The castle itself was built on the base of an old Phoenician temple, that was dedicated to Astarte, during Uyunid Emirate. The Portuguese used the Castle during there invasion of the Arabian gulf and was one of their defense point after they have restored it in 29 March 1544. Tarout castle was originally built during the rise of Dilmun civilization, dedicated to the worship of Mesopotamian goddesses, such as Ashtar, which the name Tarout is derived from. The fort dates back to 7000 years ago, which many inscriptions were found in it and so Mesopotamian God’s statues. Invaded by the Portuguese in the 16th century, which they took as a military base, and later was left in ruins. It has an oval-shaped irregular inner plan that has a total area of no more 600 square meters (6,500 sq ft), surrounded by a wide wall constructed with sea mud, gypsum, and Fourosh rocks. it had a 4 towers in total one was destroyed during a battle.

The fort is located on a hill in the centre of Tarout Island; the hill is the highest feature on the island. There used to be a spring beside the castle called “Ayyin Aloudda” (the old spring) which was the main source of water for the Island.

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