This site was originally created in 1993 by my American (Italian/Irish) mother whom has been living in Saudi Arabia since the early 60’s as she moved here with her Saudi Husband The late Mr. Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Abo Khodair “My father” to offer information about the life, traditions and culture of the country and her life experiences as an American living in  a Saudi family in Saudi Arabia and the culture differences.


Her opening paragraph on the main page in 1993 was the following:

“I was searching the web for information about Saudi Arabia and I found that you had to look at many pages to get just a bit of info. So I have spent many hours searching, for the more interesting and informative information and have compiled it here on my pages.” 

Today, Saudi Arabia has been a global interest that you can find so much information about it every where, but here on this site, i am also going to carry the same task of gathering the main and most interesting information


The differences of Saudi then and Saudi now is so amazing and I will try to show what she wrote at that time and compare with todays information.