Saudi Arabia is known for its excessive heat seasons, yet it also has a snow season, Yes you read right, I said a SNOW.

Saudi Summer:

Summers are not all hot in Saudi Arabia, we have the scolding HOT areas reaching high 50’s/c and the nice pleasant areas averaging 20’s/c.

It is so hot that you feel alike your standing in front of an open hot oven and your feet get the hot air blowing right off the burning asphalt and hitting your legs from under the open white thobes we ware.

Sand storms are natural every year and they come in spectacularly as shown in the following images:

You can also see how large some are from space:

Saudi Winter:

Winter is as shocking as our summers in Saudi Arabia since you get extremely COLD weather in the desert reaching freezing and minus temperatures, and rain fall is abundant in some areas.

In the north areas around Tabuk, it is known to snow on the high lands as you can see in these images.

It also snows in rare occasions every few years on the red sand dunes as seen here under